broaden & build - uk launch / tap takeover
monday 27th may - tonbridge + TUNBRIDGE WELLS

So the story goes. Alex goes for a meal in Copenhagen on a short city break. Randomly gets invited to check out this new brewery down the road afterwards. Wholesalers and importers are connected and now we’re really pleased to be part of the launch for Copenhagen’s newest brewery - Broaden & Build.

Headed up by head brewer Tiago (ex-barrel store manager from Beavertown) and renowned chef/owner of AMASS restaurant (ex-Noma no less) expect beers with some interesting concepts and new takes influenced the the zero waste concept that AMASS in known for. We’ve tried the beers a couple of times now and we think you’ll be suitably impressed. Expect clean tasting, well produced beers with a West Coast influence.

Tap list (all keg): Prolix (9% Frappe Stout) Resuscitate (7% Apple Saison) Zesty (3% Kvass w/Citrus fruit zest) Equable (4% SIPA) Vorticity (6.4% IPA) Consomme (6.4% West Coast IPA) Intrepid (8.7% DIPA) Sanguine (7.5% DDH DIPA w/Blood Orange)