Tonbridge! It's finally upon us!

The wait is finally over... It's been an emotional one shall we say... Tonbridge opens on Friday August 11th at 5pm. We're doing some preview/test sessions on the Wednesday and Thursday to check everything works and let everyone have a practice on some real actual people rather than Joyce pretending she's a weird customer (all sessions are now full).

We'll be keeping things a bit slower on our opening weekend, with slightly reduced opening hours, partly so we can all get some well deserved rest. We've no idea what to expect really, we've a rough idea but chances are, we'll still get caught out - please be kind if we're running out of things or have to slow things down a bit! Now, without further ado, here are the opening hours for Tonbridge in our first week and onward!

Friday 11th August - 5pm - 10pm
Saturday 12th August - 12pm - 10pm
Sunday 13th August - 1pm - 5pm
Monday 14th August - CLOSED
Tuesday 15th August - 5pm - 11pm
Wednesday 16th August - 11:30am - 11pm

And from then on:

Monday to Saturday 11:30am - 11pm
Sunday 12pm - 10:30pm


We won something! Say hello to your 2017 CAMRA West Kent Pub of the Year!

As some of my closer friends & colleagues will be aware, I love coming runner up. So you can imagine my disappointment (I joke, I'm literally over the moon about this!) when on Monday night I was informed by my local CAMRA branch that we'd actually gone and won the West Kent CAMRA Branch Pub of the Year competition! 

What a result! From the start when Fuggles was merely an idea and not even called Fuggles on paper I always intended and wanted to deliver our beer (alongside everything else we do) in the best possible way. Well looked after, tasting on point and served properly. To win this award in particular is a real privilege - it's judged by a large group of people who basically drink and love beer. They spend their time and efforts campaigning for it, campaigning for pubs and the industry in general.

So, to win this award is recognition for the hard work and efforts the team put in every day - whether that's serving you guys or looking after the beer in the cellar, they're fab. Most of the day-to-day running of the pub is down to them and in particular, our cellar management is down to a small team who are doing a great job in a tight space.

Credit to the other pubs in our area, with a particular mention to Matt over at The Windmill in Weald who we've come runner up to the past 2 years - it's a fantastic pub and I've been quite happy just being in the running each year. I must also throw out credit in general to the pubs in our area, I think the beer scene, particularly in Tunbridge Wells is really quite something these days - we've a ridiculous range of beer & cider available in the town now in a variety of different styles of pubs, bars and shops.

If you're wondering who or what CAMRA are and what they do you can have a look through our local branches website - and if you're passionate about cask beer, cider and pubs in general, maybe you should consider signing yourself up?

In the meantime, a final thank you to those who have supported us along the way, who voted for us and who drink in us! #fuglife




We were handed the keys to 165 High Street, Tonbridge almost 2 weeks ago now and started work last Monday. We're currently in the process of getting the walls up for the toilets, cellar space and office along with the soundproofing and various other bits of 'exploratory works'.

I'll post some photos and that soon once we've made a bit more progress and there's more to see. Lots happening in the next week or two, toilets going in, walls being revealed and a heap more.

We're hoping to get open early Summer all being well. There are a few hurdles to get over but fingers crossed! In the meantime, now we've got a 'News' bit on the site I'll try and keep this bit updated with our progress in Tonbridge as well as keeping you updated on all our general news, events, new beers and anything else I fancy ranting about.



Thanks to Sorrel Rivers for the awesome drawing of the new site and to Kook Creative who are helping out with the design work. There's loads more to thank but I'll get to those in due course!

The birds eye view...